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We make no secret here at TM-Towers of our enormous admiration for Robert Wyatt (indeed he was one of the first to feature in our Class Act series), and there are at least three writers here who were seen to be indulging in a bit of teeth gnashing and garment rending when Marcus ODair landed the job of writing Wyatts authorised autobiography Different Every Time (especially as the bugger is also already a member of the, really rather excellent, Grasscut), and even more miffed to find hed done a very good job of it (the swine) and as assassination would now be moot we decided it would be more gracious to let you, our lovely readers, have a squizz at a section before you rush out and buy it (which you really should). Oh, and Domino Records also have a double disc best of tie-in coming out at the same time which is also really rather excellent...
Shmade 's Appay

Brain May This week we 'ave been mostly listening to Steve Harley and Cockney Rebels Birmingham - Live With Orchestra & Choir, the reason being its a live recording (on CD and DVD) of both The Human Menagerie and The Psychomodo played in their entirety with, yup youve guessed it, an Orchestra & Choir, and it's bloody great. Never let anyone tell you that Roxy Music were the only good thing to come out of glam rock, just check this '84 performance of 'Judy Teen' from London's Camden Palace
Brown In The Pink

Arthur Brown The rather splendid but utterly bonkers Arthur Brown returns this month with a new album (his first in 10 years), entitled Zim Zam Zim the album finds the god of hellfire in remarkably fine voice - especially given that he has been entitled to apply for a bus pass for a good many years now (hes 73 fact fans) and not only are his old vocal chords in fine fettle he has also appears to have rediscovered his muse with a whole host of willfully wayward clanking tunes (see the album review here) and check out the video for 'Unknown' here...
Top Tunes of 2014

Albums of 2014 It's that time again as our top trumps of 2014 are named and whatever the opposite of shamed is. Having pestered the staff into picking their favourite albums of 2014 we then collated the results, chucked out a few which were clearly just silly (and yes we know who voted for William Shatner Ray) and arrived at our top twenty must have albums for this year, so you don't have to go out and buy a load of old tosh that will end up on ebay by February. We don't profess to have heard everything released this year but this is the best of what we have heard

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