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So, what's it all about then?

Oh yeah, another music website (yawn), how original, like we don’t already have thousands of the buggers clogging up the ether. What the hell would prompt anyone to waste their time creating another one, let alone why anyone should be adding yet another music site to their already bulging favourites folder?
Good questions, if a little cynical. For example can you have too many music websites? Well, yes you can, - of course the great thing about the internet, unlike your local newsagents where you have to wade through loads of mags you don’t want to get to the one you do (and then PAY!! For it), is at least you can say ‘pish, you are rubbish mate and I will not be visiting your shite site again’.

So why add another music website to the already bulging virtual sack? Honestly? Well we’re frankly ‘cos we’re sick of reading articles and reviews by journalists who have no knowledge or love of their subject (RIP John Peel). Log onto TM and you will find in-depth interviews, features, album, live, book and DVD reviews and comprehensive gig guides all written and updated by genuine music fans and writers who have put pen to paper for magazines like Melody Maker, Music Week, Making Music and the NME. Hell even our designers are big music fans and what’s more, unlike many other sites, we won’t be concentrating solely on established artists. If we find a brilliant new act, we’ll let you know who they are and where to see them or buy their albums.

We are also developing a whole dedicated section aimed squarely at the working musician wether you’re a guitarist, keyboard player, vocalist, DJ, percussionist or yodelling bagpipe enthusiast we intend to cover all aspects of music-making from the first faltering steps to what it’s really like to stand in front of thousands of adoring fans and get paid for the privilege. There will be advice about legal matters, information on local music courses or community workshops, product reviews, and what we hope will develop into the biggest and best demo pages in the UK – simply put, TM will be the new ‘one-stop shop’ for the whole of the UK’s musical community.


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