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Forum suspended, again!

Long term readers will already be aware of the problems we have been experiencing due to the attentions of friendly neighbourhood hackers, that sad lonely breed of man (it's always a man) who obviously still lives with his mum and is desperately in need of some living, breathing human interaction. More to be pitied than scorned we reckon but sadly once again they have succeeded in knackering the Forum.

Unfortunately this means we have to drastically rethink this section, and won't be restoring it until we can make it a good deal more nerd proof, so apologies to those of you who used it to keep in touch, or just pop in every now and then to have a good old argument. We will of course let you know when it's back up and running

Album reviews

Our monthly roundup of all the latest album releases good, bad or ugly, we listen and then rate 'em


Possibly the most important demo page this side of a recording contract

DVD Reviews

DVD Reviews
Our roundup of all the latest DVD releases, top notch or bottom drawer we watch ‘em and then let you know if they’re fit to pop in yer slot

****************** Class act

A full page monthly retrospective look at the most Influential acts from the last fiftyyears
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