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Notoriously fickle business this rock and roll lark, drummers dumped by managers, bass players ostracized until they quit in frustration, band members abandoned mid tour, for every ‘us against the world’ gang like U2 there’s numerous 'revolving around one central character' acts like Hawkwind, King Crimson or The Fall. Until recently Martin Barre’s forty plus year tenure in Jethro Tull looked about as rock solid as Beachy Head but, as we saw during the storms of winter 2014, nothing is actually that rock solid and in 2011 Barre found himself cast adrift from the good ship Tull and left to paddle off on his own. The resultant live shows and album Away With Words saw the guitarist revisiting older Tull material much to the delight of fans, and with a new ‘live in the studio’ album Order Of Play documenting the heavier slant his live sets have lent old Tull classics we decided to catch up with the man himself...
Shmade 's Appay

Brain May This week we 'ave been mostly listening to Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel’s Birmingham - Live With Orchestra & Choir, the reason being it’s a live recording (on CD and DVD) of both The Human Menagerie and The Psychomodo played in their entirety with, yup you’ve guessed it, an Orchestra & Choir, and it's bloody great. Never let anyone tell you that Roxy Music were the only good thing to come out of glam rock, just check this '84 performance of 'Judy Teen' from London's Camden Palace
Brown In The Pink

Arthur Brown The rather splendid but utterly bonkers Arthur Brown returns this month with a new album (his first in 10 years), entitled Zim Zam Zim the album finds the god of hellfire in remarkably fine voice - especially given that he has been entitled to apply for a bus pass for a good many years now (he’s 73 fact fans) and not only are his old vocal chords in fine fettle he has also appears to have rediscovered his muse with a whole host of willfully wayward clanking tunes (see the album review here) and check out the video for 'Unknown' here...
Busy Boy

Jonathan Boulet An interesting new Aussie artists popped up on our radar recently, Jonathan Boulet is ostensibly a folk-rocker who wrote, recorded, produced and played almost every instrument on his debut self-titled album but also finds time to be a member of Sydney indie rockers Parades (playing drums), hardcore outfit Snakeface (playing bass) and, as if that wasn’t enough, is also a member of Top People. We just love the video for this taster from his upcoming album Gubba featuring the duffest motorbike gang ever.

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